You Gotta Hustle For That Muscle – 4 motivational tips to get to the gym

You Gotta Hustle For That Muscle – 4 motivational tips to get to the gym

Are you one of those whose new year resolution each year is to shed a few extra pounds and get in shape? Are you also one of those who gets a membership after the resolution and doesn’t end up going to the gym?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey. At some point or the other, most of the fitness experts struggled with this problem. The starting problem, the problem to keep yourself focused, the problem to keep yourself motivated to achieve your fitness goals.
It’s true that you have to go the distance to achieve extraordinary results but how will you reach anywhere if you don’t start at all?
Here a starter pack of some motivational tips for those who are down-right serious about their beach bod goals.

1. Breakfast Is Bae
It is rightly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and * drum rolls *… it is true! A good breakfast fills your body with good nutrients giving you an amazing start to the day. Try to fill yourself up in the morning with a good source of protein like eggs. Add some fruits and vegetables to for all the good vitamins and replace your morning coffee with an excellent supplement like Proburst Predator.

2. Make Fitness Friendships A Priority.
One is dull, two is fun! Find a fitness buddy who will keep you motivated and help you push your limits in the gym. According to research, people are more likely to achieve their fitness goals if they have a committed partner in the fitness journey. Why else do you think they have zumba classes and not zumba sessions?
You and your friend can help each other stay on track and this can go beyond the gym. You can together explore newer recipes and healthier meal plans to help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

3. Want a Snack?
Snacking is looked down upon generally, but that’s only applicable when you’re gorging on fries and chips. Snacking can be a good habit if done properly and filling yourself up with something like Proburst BCAAs 40 minutes before you hit the gym is a good idea. It is the ideal time required for the body to absorb all nutrients and help you go further on the floor.

4. Do it for the Insta fam!
Getting fit is a serious commitment and a commendable one. Keeping track helps you stay motivated because you can literally go back and see the change that is happening gradually. Posting your progress might help motivate other people you know to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So go ahead and do it for the Insta fam!

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