Unleash your winter gains – Must have supplements in your stack

Unleash your winter gains – Must have supplements in your stack

In our last article, we suggested a few exercises that would be apt to gain mass during winter. Today, we are here to impart knowledge on supplements that should be part of your routine. In short, after reading this article, start stacking your favourite supplements right away! Along with the training and nutrition, it’s important to focus on your goal and narrow down your choices. But boss, always remember, supplements are not some magic pill that’ll give you the sculpted body of your dreams, HARD WORK is necessary!

Coming back to supplements, these three protein powders are a must in your gym kitty.

Proburst Ultimate Mass Gainer: Are you into bulky body? Proburst Ultimate Mass Gainer is an ideal formula to enhance performance & gain muscle mass. The best part about mass gainer protein powder is that it comes in blissful chocolate and delicious banana flavours. Each serving of this awesome mass gainer supplement offers Whey Protein Concentrate & Casein sources making it a time-release formula. And we are not done with its benefits! It is 100% vegetarian product without any banned substance and contains 23 Vitamins & Minerals which is an ultimate solution for both Macro and Micro Nutrients. Consume 1 scoop (50g) in water, 45 minutes before a workout; 2 scoop (100g) in water, 15 minutes after a workout; 1 scoop (50g) in milk & almonds or ice cream or both during snack time; and 1 scoop (50g) in milk before bed.

Proburst BCAA: The BCAAs drive the nutrients to muscle tissues for improving workout recovery. Make your workout special with Proburst BCAA. BCAAs are a refueling formula that activates muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown. Without any added sugar, it contains 2:1:1 BCAA which is the recommended ratio and 2.5g of Leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In order to stop muscle breakdown that happens during the night, Proburst BCAA could be consumed after waking up in the morning. It can also be consumed after a workout to boost muscle repair. It comes in 3 variations.

Proburst Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine powder is primarily used to increase the muscle cell volume
and muscle performance. Keeping this in mind, we bring you Proburst Creatine Monohydrate– your secret box of energy! Improve your athletic performance by quickly resynthesizing during high-intensity activities with creatine. It is the purest, safest and most effective form of fast-absorbing creatine powder with performance-enhancing effects to replenish your energy levels. The preparation is also very easy, just add 3g of Creatine Monohydrate to a glass full of 250- 350 ml of cold water or fruit juice and mix it thoroughly. Wondering when to consume this awesome protein? The answer is right here. Consume it either 30 minutes before a workout to boost the body’s phosphate supply or 60 minutes after the workout to keep the body’s phosphate supply at the optimum levels.

Aren’t the benefits of these blockbuster protein powders like a dream? Well, it’ll certainly help you achieve your dream body when combined with regular workout. Try these and in the end, not only you’ll have an amazing body to flaunt but also a wide grin on your face. So, workout regularly and have a great winter.

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