The Whey Range – Benefits and usage

The Whey Range – Benefits and usage

The word whey is just as popular among the youth as Marvel superheroes. From a beginner to a fitness enthusiast, everyone is crazy for whey protein powder. Of all the forms and types of protein, whey protein is one of the best. The benefits of whey protein in relation to muscle development makes it hugely popular and recognizable as one of the most commonly used fitness nutrition supplements. The ways by which whey protein promotes muscle/strength gain include:

  1. Building blocks of muscle: It provides protein and amino acids, which serve as building blocks for increased muscle growth.
  2. Leucine: It’s high in the amino acid leucine, which is known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
  3. Fast absorption: Whey protein powder is absorbed and utilized very quickly.

All types of whey protein are aimed at offering a version that suits you. Now onto the products:

Let’s start with Proburst Whey! Are you a beginner, looking for the best post-workout supplement? Are you an active person, looking for a delicious way to meet the recommended daily protein requirement? We have a solution for you, the Proburst WheyProburst Whey is the best ‘whey’ protein to start your day. One serving (33g) will provide you with 20g of high-quality protein from Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolates only. This low-fat protein supplement will also provide you with 5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and 3g of Glutamine precursors.

Next, give your body the fuel it deserves with Proburst’s Whey Supreme. Our “anytime protein” is packed with 24g of high-quality, easily absorbable protein to help make you stronger and healthier. Five grams of essential BCAAs aid in protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

Lastly, enjoy the benefits of pure whey in Proburst Raw Whey. It is the finest quality raw whey protein available in the market. The Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) used in the product has been imported from the USA, and each serving (30g) will provide you with 24g of pure protein. There are absolutely no added flavours, sweeteners or fillers in the product, therefore, it can be used as an additive in various protein-packed recipes.

The recommended occasions to consume the above-mentioned whey protein powder supplements are:


Consuming whey when you wake up will help kick-start your metabolism, counteracting the catabolic effects of starvation the body experiences through the night.


Whey provides a concentrated dose of high-quality protein which, will help curb appetite and reduce the chances of binge eating.


It will provide 24g of high-quality protein, helping reduce muscle fatigue and promote protein synthesis, during your body’s period of stress and recovery.


It will keep your body fuelled through the night, aiding metabolic functions and eliminating the effects of muscle catabolism.

The bottom line is whey protein is an exceptionally healthy way to add more protein to your diet. It’s a quality protein source that is absorbed and utilized efficiently by the human body. With the above breakdown of our whey protein powder products in one place, we hope this might help you to make the best decision on a product that suits you best.

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