The Protein Power Starter Pack!

The Protein Power Starter Pack!

The nation was taken by storm with the low carb-high protein diet when Bollywood celebrities suddenly had carved up Greek God bodies. Be it SRK’s slick abs in dard-e-disco or Kareena’s size zero, everyone wanted to know the secret.
And the secret was out! The single most important ingredient to look and feel amazing was a protein-rich diet. Protein as a nutrient, is more important than we know. It is the building block of life and the fuel source for our bodies. It helps not only in building lean muscles but also helps you feel full for longer periods of time.

Protein is available everywhere. From the eggs in your fridge to specialized protein supplements like Proburst, you’ll find this superfood all around you. So, if you’re someone trying to adopt the protein life, here’s a list of foods to start with!

1. Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao annde!
A healthy breakfast is the best start to the day and if your breakfast is rich in proteins, then there’s no fuel like it! Eggs are a breakfast favorite in most homes and why wouldn’t they be, it’s a pure source of protein!
A whole egg has around 6g of pure protein. So boil a couple of them and start your day with 12 grams of amazing protein goodness!

2. Don’t chicken out. Chicken in!
Chicken is good source of protein; but there are some parts of chicken which are better than the rest. The chicken breast is a lean source of good protein. One roasted chicken breast has around 31 grams of protein. So put it in the oven, roast it real nice, and serve it some spice for you lunch time!

3. The Greeks got their yogurt right!
Another creamy rich source of protein is Greek yogurt. Whip it up with some berry into a smooooth smoothie. A 200g of low-fat Greek yogurt, without added sugar, packs around 19 grams of protein! So pick up some protein power on your way today!

4. The mystery of Quinoa – solved!
You must’ve increasingly noticed the inclusion of something called quinoa in restaurant menus. Quinoa is grain high in many vitamins, minerals, fiber and is loaded with antioxidants. It is a great supplement for rice as it absorbs any kind of flavour. It is also an amazing source of protein. One cup of Quiona is loaded with 8 grams pure protein! So go on, replace that high carb rice with a Quiona rich diet!

5. The Sweeet Protein!
What to do when you’re health conscious and also have an intense sweet tooth? How to solve this dilemma?! Worry not! There’s a simple fix. Unflavoured protein supplements like Proburst raw whey is made exactly for this purpose. The Whey Protein Concentrate used in the product will provide you with 24 grams of pure protein. There areno added flavours, sweeteners or fillers in Proburst raw whey, making it an ideal addition in various protein-packed recipes. So what’s stopping you now from devouring that brownie?

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