• Proburst Whey Supreme Irish Chocolate Flavour



  • Proburst Whey Supreme the Powder Station of Protein
    • Each serving of Proburst whey supreme has 24 g of high-quality protein from Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate.
    • With 5.2 g of naturally occurring BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) and 4g of Glutamine precursors, Proburst Whey Supreme is formulated with ingredients that help to reduce post workout DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
    • Since Indian bodies are not used to consuming high levels of protein, Proburst Whey Supreme has added DigeZyme-a clinically tested multi-enzyme matrix that helps in the absorption of macronutrients. DigeZyme is safe, efficacious, non Gmo ,gluten free and acknowledge by leading international standards like the FCC, making Proburst Whey Supreme a suitable formula for Indian bodies.
    • Whey protein isolate manufactured through Cross-flow Micro-filtration
    • Ingredients: Whey Protein, Coca Powder, Sodium Chloride, Whey Protein Isolate, Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate, Thickener (INS 466 $ INS 407,), anti-caking agent (INS 551), Thickener (INS 415), Sweetners )(INS 955 & INS 950) and DigeZme
    • Direction for use:

    To prepare one serving, add 1 scoop (Approx.33g) of Proburst Whey Suprme in shaker cip filled with 150-200 ml of chilled water. Shake well before drinking

    Recommended usage:

    Consume 1 to 2 serving per day or as per your daily protein requirement. For best result tale a single serving immediately after workout


    Muscles– workout and physical activity deplete energy levels leading to muscle deterioration. Whey protein, which provides all essential amino acids, can improve muscle recovery.

    Brain-amino acid are biosynthesis precursors for neurotransmitters-Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine.

    Heart-whey protein has shown to reduce the incidences of high blood pressure.

    Liver-BCAAs found in whey protein may support liver functions and can be beneficial for people suffering from chronic liver disease.

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Give your body the fuel it deserves with Proburst’s Whey Supreme. Our “anytime protein” is packed with 24g of high-quality, easily absorbable protein to help make you stronger and healthier. Five grams of essential BCAAs aid in protein synthesis and muscle recovery. Whereas, 4g of glutamine reduces muscle fatigue and so you’re back in top form for another active day. Whey Supreme is made with advanced Cross-Flow Microfiltration to preserve the health benefitting components of Whey protein as well as a high protein content. Whey Supreme is the perfect nutritional supplement to help power you in every walk…every sprint of life.

Protein is one of the most misunderstood nutrients in India with majority of Indians being unaware of their ideal protein requirement despite dairy being the best source of vegetarian protein and India having the world’s largest dairy industry, most Indian diet are still protein deficient

Dairy product such as milk cheese, Paneer and yoghurt, contain protein along with other macronutrients like fats and carbohydrates.  The Indian diet is already high in fats and carbohydrates hence a need to fulfill our daily protein requirement is a must 

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