Proburst Tanning Spray

Proburst Isoburst Whey Isolate Whey Protein

Proburst Tanning Spray

Price ₹2199

Size 200 ml

Proburst Tanning Spray creates a radiant, deep, rich and natural looking tan without the sun. The advanced auto-darkening formula provides an instant bronze glow upon application that intensifies in colour over 1 to 3 hours and lasts for days. Ultra Dark Black Natural Bronzers provide streak-free golden colour. Absorbs quickly.



• Take a bath and wipe yourself before using the Proburst®

Tanning Spray.

• Apply a thin coat of Proburst® Tanning Spray evenly to

the desired area. Use gloves or mitten to spread the

colour evenly.

• Wash your hands immediately to avoid discolouration.

• Reapply for darker shade.

Product Myths

Spray tanning makes you look orange

DHA or Dihydroxyacetone determines the shade of the tan. With the evolution of the industry, solutions can be customized for the palest skin tones to darker skin tones. So, make sure you choose the most natural tan for yourself.


Spray tanning is messy

The fast drying and quick absorption formula eliminates the possibility of stained clothes, furniture, or

bed sheets.


A spray tan won’t last

The lifespan of your spray tan is directly related to the quality of the tanning solution as well as the care you give your skin before and after your tan.


Spray tans smell bad

The spray tan industry has come a long way in creating products where the smell is neutralised and

much more pleasant.


Spray tanning can prevent sunburns

A spray tan provides no more protection from the sun than your makeup does unless it contains SPF.


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