Proburst Proburn Xtreme - 60 capsules

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Proburst Proburn Xtreme - 60 capsules

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Size 60 Capsule

Trying to achieve the perfect summer body? These are the four basic principles you need to follow-- Clean Nutrition, Rigorous Training, 8 hours of Sleep and Right Supplementation. When on a calorie-restricted diet, your body needs something that not only provides you with energy and mental focus but also helps you #KnockoutThatLazyFat.


Proburst® Proburn Xtreme is a scientifically researched, unisex formula that will help you push your limits and achieve the body of your dreams. Just one capsule, 30-minutes before your workout session will provide you with 150mg of Caffeine, 150mg of Coleus Forskholii and 100mg of Coffea Arabica Extract. This combination increases the rate at which your body releases fat cells, which can be utilised during your training sessions.


Ingredients like Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) extract, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) extract, Capsicum annum extract, and Chromium Picolinate may improve carbohydrate metabolism, increasing metabolic rate and support craving control so that you end up burning more fat cells. The product also contains 5mg of Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) extract to further boost the nutrition absorption in the body.



1 Capsule is the recommended dosage. A calorie-deficit diet must be maintained for sustained fat loss. For best results, consume 30 minutes prior to your workout for an increased rate of release of fat cells from the body. 

Product Myths

Fat Burners contain high amount of Caffeine. Will it have an impact on the sleep cycle?

Caffeine is a stimulant that can impact the sleep cycle, if consumed in higher dosage and 3-4 hours before bed. Luckily, Proburst® Proburn Xtreme contains caffeine within the permitted FSSAI limits that may not interfere with your sleep cycle.


Fat Burners can help losing the Belly Fat.

Though, Fat burners will help in losing the abdomen fat, there is no such thing as “spot-reduction”. Proburst® Proburn Xtreme will decrease the overall body fat percentage, and not just the abdomen fat.


Fat Burner supplements will be effective even without the Diet-monitoring.

The Diet and the Supplements are important to meet the dietary requirements of an individual. Therefore, for best results, the individual using the Proburst® Proburn Xtreme needs to be in ‘calorie-deficit’ state. This will help in shedding the extra pounds from the body.


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