Proburst Multivitamin 120 N Tablets

  • Proburst Milk Thistle

Proburst Multivitamin 120 N Tablets


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  • Proburst® Multivitamin is a potent blend of 29 Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, Amino Acids, Digestive Enzymes, and other nutrients.
  • It contains 100% RDA of immunity boosters
  • That support the immune functions of your body to enhance your overall health.
  • Packed with 4 essential minerals and 9 trace elements that help to improve your energy and stamina levels, while fulfilling micronutrient deficiencies and supporting various metabolic processes
  • The product contains a blend of 4 digestive enzymes to boost the absorption and digestion of nutrients for maximum results
  • Proburst® Multivitamin is a 100% vegetarian
  • supplement that strictly follows the FSSAI and ICMR guideline


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