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Proburst Mass Gainer 5 Kg (Chocolate)


Proburst Mass Gainer 5 Kg (Chocolate)

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Proburst® Mass Gainer is an advanced weight gaining formula. Packed with the goodness of Whey Protein, the Proburst® Mass Gainer will not only help you gaining weight fast, but it will also help you put on the muscle mass. It has the Protein-Carbohydrate ratio of 1:6, making it an ideal product for beginners who are looking to increase their weight.
Proburst® Mass Gainer contains Vitamins and Minerals, along with a blend of simple and complex carbohydrate. In order make the product more effective, we have added DigeZyme® to the product. The DigeZyme® will aid in the digestion of carbohydrate, protein and fats, which will further improve your results.


1 serving (50g) in water, 45 minutes before workout
2 servings (100g) in water, 15 minutes after workout
1 serving (50g) in milk and almonds or ice cream or both during snack time
1 serving (50g) in milk before bed


Vinay Sangwan

Kettlebell workout for full-body strength plus top quality protein supplements means 100% performance which equals to ultimate results. The products by Proburst have helped me in keeping it all together.

Vinay Sangwan
World KettleBall Champion

Sameer Ansari

Made with the highest-quality ingredients and most innovative technologies in the game, Proburst is a part of my transformational fitness journey. I always tell my clients if they want a star body then they must consume star quality protein.

Sameer Ansari
Celeb Trainer

Ravi Kulai

I believe in pro-quality of Proburst products because it is backed with high-tech processes like X-Ray Machine Testing to test for contaminants and Microbiological Analysis for checking the contamination in Finished Goods.

Ravi Kulai
Mr. Karnataka