L- Glutamine (unflavoured)

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L- Glutamine (unflavoured)

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Boost your workout performance with Proburst’s L-Glutamine powder, the performance powerhouse. Proburst L-Glutamine serves 5g of unadulterated L-Glutamine. It helps stimulate protein synthesis, glucosamine synthesis which is the critical joint compound and prevents breakdown of muscles. It assists in speeding up recovery after a workout and improves your body’s metabolism and immune system.



20 g per day is the recommended dosage. Bodybuilders should 10 to 15 g of L-Glutamine a day, supplementing it 2-3 times daily, with each serving around 5 grams. The proper timings to take L-Glutamine are:


When you wake up, your body is in a catabolic state since it has not received nutrition for a good eight hours.



This is the most important time for consuming L-Glutamine for muscle recovery.



Because your body will be fasting during sleep, your body needs L-Glutamine.


Product Myths

What is Proburst L-Glutamine?

Proburst L-Glutamine serves in fruit punch flavour unadulterated L-Glutamine that gets absorbed quickly in the body. L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and the latest research studies have emphasized its role in improving recovery and building muscles.

What are the benefits of Proburst L-Glutamine?

It gets absorbed quickly in the body and prevents breakdown of muscles. It is an active partner in lean muscle gains. Proburst L-Glutamine helps improve your post-exercise recovery, which has a positive effect on your athletic performance.

Which supplements you can stack with Proburst L-Glutamine?

Along with Proburst Glutamine, you can have Proburst Whey Protein and Proburst BCAAs. These two will improve your rate of muscle recovery and allow you to work out for a longer duration.

How to take Proburst L-Glutamine?

You should mix Proburst L-Glutamine with your favourite beverage and drink it in the morning. Repeat after your workout.


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