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Proburst Aquatonic Mango


Proburst Aquatonic Mango

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The Proburst Aquatonic Mango is a combination of simple and complex carbohydrate, which helps in faster recovery of the lost
muscle glycogen levels during an exhausting activity. The combination of Electrolytes and B-Vitamins will not only help in restoring the lost micronutrients but they will also trigger the energy, protein and cell metabolism. The Vitamin C helps in repairing the body tissues and boosting immunity. The Proburst Aquatonic Mango contains BCAAs, i.e. L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in the perfect ratio of 2:1:1. It supports lean muscle growth and helps stimulate protein synthesis, prevents muscle breakdown and speeds recovery. The L-Glutamine, on the other hand, is a Conditionally Essential Amino Acid (CAA) and makes over 60% of the skeletal muscles in our body. This anti-catabolic amino acid will prevents muscle wastage and soreness. The CarnoSyn® is a patented and highly bioavailable version of Beta-Alanine that will improve the muscle carnosine concentration for improved energy.

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Vinay Sangwan

Kettlebell workout for full-body strength plus top quality protein supplements means 100% performance which equals to ultimate results. The products by Proburst have helped me in keeping it all together.

Vinay Sangwan
World KettleBall Champion

Sameer Ansari

Made with the highest-quality ingredients and most innovative technologies in the game, Proburst is a part of my transformational fitness journey. I always tell my clients if they want a star body then they must consume star quality protein.

Sameer Ansari
Celeb Trainer

Ravi Kulai

I believe in pro-quality of Proburst products because it is backed with high-tech processes like X-Ray Machine Testing to test for contaminants and Microbiological Analysis for checking the contamination in Finished Goods.

Ravi Kulai
Mr. Karnataka