Nutritional routine for a healthy life

Nutritional routine for a healthy life

You might be someone who’s planning to finally make a switch to the nutritional way of living or someone who just wants to shed a few pounds or get a fatigue-free, fit body. In any of the cases, monitoring what you eat is of prime importance. It’s not just what you are eating, but also the amount in which you’re consuming the different nutrients needs to be right. Don’t worry; we’ve got a few steps mapped out that’ll help you sustain a healthy routine.

  • Don’t Starve

This unhealthy strategy adopted by people to lose weight or to stay away from bad food often backfires. This is because when you try to not eat anything throughout the day, you might just overindulge by the night, taking in much more calories. A healthy, balanced meal would include proteins, healthy fat, and some complex carbohydrate.

  • Fuel Up with Proteins

Proteins are used in the development and growth of every part of our body for which they are needed to be broken down constantly, and hence required to be replaced in the body. Source your protein from foods like eggs, lean meat, fish, green vegetables, nuts, beans which help you feel full without the intake of a large amount of fat or calories in your diet.

To ensure a sufficient intake of proteins, it’s advisable to also supplement some through protein powders. BCAAs comprise of three essential amino acids that account for 33% of all muscle protein. You can have Proburst BCAAs to increase protein synthesis in your muscles, i.e. to help your body send protein to repair and build your muscles more efficiently. In addition, Proburst BCAAs naturally increase the levels of testosterone and growth hormone (GH), the two hormones our body uses to reduce fat growth. It is one of the best BCAA supplement available in the market.

  • Eat Real Food

Foods that are directly sourced from the plants or animals and have minimum layering to their preparation are the healthiest. Go for nutrient-packed food options like whole grains, lean proteins, fat-free dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables such as blue, black or red berries; or yellow and red peppers, or green spinach and peas. You can always vary how you eat them- make a smoothie, or a crispy fresh salad and you’re good to have a wholesome experience.

  • Ditch the Junk Food

Now, you may argue that not all processed food is bad, but you must always read the ingredients to ensure that you are not consuming foods high in solid fat or added salt and sugar, like in your carbonated drinks, chips, pizzas, burgers, fatty meats, and the sort. You need to balance your calories and sodium to lose the extra weight and build a healthier body.

  • Drink Water

Stay hydrated. While choosing liquids, do not go for sweetened drinks like carbonated beverages or packed fruit juices that add a high amount of calories to your body.

To reap the best results out of this nutrition routine, it is also very important to have a habit of working-out every day, even if you’re simply brisk-walking for 30 minutes. For those who like to hit the gym and train harder, Proburst makes sure that you’re back in top form for every another active day. Their protein supplementProburst Whey is one of the best whey proteins with high quality, easily absorbable protein that reduces muscle fatigue and helps to make you stronger and healthier. With this Whey Protein Powder, you can power up with all the proteins that your body deserves!

We know that diet advices are emerging from everywhere, but what every one of them would suggest is to respect the requirements of your body- requirements for nutrients, exercise or rest. Just give your body what it needs, the food that it can use up and the nutrients and rest it needs to be repaired. Also, very importantly enjoy whatever you’re having. It can be difficult initially but with a few days of motivation in the right direction, you can actually fall in love with your new lifestyle once you realise how much healthier the nutritional routine feels. Once in a while, you can also treat yourself with a cheat day. It’s all okay if you feel right. 

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