Independence Day Fitness Hacks

Independence Day Fitness Hacks

More than feeling patriotic, we look forward to Independence Day because first it’s a mandatory off day and second the fun of watching patriotic movies. Most of us believe holidays are meant for rest and we are too busy to work out on weekdays. But today, we are going to burst that lazy thought bubble of yours because we are here with a few easy fitness hacks that you can try on Independence Day. After all, staying healthy and fit during the holiday is no simple task. There’s lots of bread to break and glasses to clink. Training routines are often interrupted. Regular workouts are cut short—or out.

  • Treat the holiday like any other weekday and schedule in your training. Get your workout of the way first thing in the morning before distractions.
  • Pay for a nonrefundable zumba or cycling class or personal training session upfront so that skipping it will cost you than a few hundred calories.
  • Gym closed? Go for a run! Also, add 15 burpees and 1 minute plank after every 2 miles.
  • It’s time to be nice to your diet as well. Don’t go crazy on crabs just because it is a holiday.
  • Don’t forget to be hydrated in mid of all the fun!
  • Find something fun, put on a great playlist of music, gather your family around and DANCE. Add some sneaky bodyweight-bearing exercises like burpees, high knee runs, jumping jacks, and more.
  • Don’t have much time? Try HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) for it is quick, sweaty, and very effective.
  • Finally, don’t forget to find some quiet time in the craziness. Meditation, self-reflection, and de-stressing techniques are a very important part of the package.

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While the holiday can take us slightly off our game, these hacks can at least keep us in the game. With a few small tweaks to your habits and mindset, you can stay healthy and fit.

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