Importance of a Protein Rich Diet

Importance of a Protein Rich Diet

Lately, everyone seems to have been talking about protein-rich diets or high protein bars and shakes. Not just the fitness enthusiasts and dieters, but also the common people are seen acknowledging the protein content in different food sources, higher than other nutrients. So, why is there such an excitement? Well, Protein is present in every cell of our body. Muscles, tissue, bone, skin, and blood are all made of protein, with hair and nails made mostly out of protein only. And so, when our body needs to repair or build new cells, it relies on protein to get it done.

Some of the health benefits that come with Proteins are listed below.

• Boosts Muscle Mass and Increases Strength
Consuming high protein gives your body the desired amino acids that help repair and grow your muscles, and over time increase the level of lean muscle mass in your body. Also, the combination of increased muscle development and decreased recovery time increases your strength.

• Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight
There’s a lot of evidence that protein helps you feel full, preventing any overeating. Proteins boost the functioning of weight-regulating hormones, hence reducing your hunger pangs. Proteins also initiate the process of thermo-genesis which requires the body to use up more energy to digest food, which would have otherwise stayed as fat or calories in the body.

• Improves Brain Functioning
Proteins are responsible behind the making of enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters, all of them being highly critical for cognitive functioning. Hence, in order to keep the energy levels up and to help focus and concentrate, a steady supply of amino acids is required by the brain.

• Helps Keep a Healthy Heart
Researches show that Protein intake help lowers the blood pressure levels. High protein diets are also seen to balance blood sugar levels, along with preventing other causes of heart-related diseases, such as diabetes.

• Eases the Mood
Hormones like dopamine and serotonin help to make you feel calm and give you a positive outlook. They function and are synthesized with the help of Proteins. Food sources of Proteins have certain amino acids that help balance hormones naturally. They work as a natural remedy for anxiety, hence helping you enhance your mood.

Protein comes from a variety of food sources, including milk, meat, milk, eggs, beans, fish, soy, eggs, and even nut butter. Once the proteins are digested, they turn back into amino acids that are needed by the human body to perform different functions. Whey is considered to be a complete protein as it contains all the amino acids that your body needs. It is a high-quality protein source that can be naturally found in milk.

Whey protein has an advantage over protein obtained through natural sources as it is absorbed far quicker than regular protein, speeding the process of muscle synthesis. Proburst Whey Supreme is an anytime source of high-quality, quick-absorbing proteins that gives your body the fuel it deserves. It is made with advanced Cross-Flow Microfiltration to preserve the health benefitting components of Whey protein as well as high protein content.

As we’ve discussed, proteins are involved in just about every function of our body. Also, since they’re used in the development and growth of every part of our body, they are needed to be broken down constantly, and hence required to be replaced in the body. A lack of protein intake can cause different deficiencies, leading to many health issues. To avoid any such concerns, we must include a good amount of protein in our diet, through food sources and also by adding its supplementations.

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