Easy ways to check protein quality

Easy ways to check protein quality

Products with good sales records are vulnerable to exploitation and our lovable protein powder is no less. If you’ve just started using protein powders, chances are you won’t know what they should be like. Hence, mentioning a few ways by which you can determine the quality of your protein.

Solubility: You won’t be able to mix the fake protein powder in water with a spoon. To dissolve the powder in the water, you will need a blender bottle and some hard shakes of the wrist.

Texture: Irregularities is the best way to find out the authenticity of protein powder. These irregularities could be can be anything from vitamin powders to crushed chalk. It is extremely easy to tamper flavors like chocolate and vanilla.

Taste: Tampering would obviously affect the taste of the protein powder. Bad quality protein usually has a pungent smell and leaves a bad aftertaste.

Side-effects: Bad quality means ill effects on the body. The most common side effects of fake supplements are the formation of acne and marks on your back and arms, and hair fall. If you notice that there are unexplainable unhealthy changes then it is a sign that the quality of protein is not up to the mark.

Packaging: The product packaging of these products is the biggest giveaway. In order to save the cost, the packing is no good enough and also, most of the top brands offer the product verification details on the packaging. If you have seen the original packaging, you would be able to tell the difference without a problem.

Proburst offers online verification of products so that you have confidence that the protein you are going to consume is of super-quality. The steps of the same are mentioned below.

Authenticate Proburst products in 3 easy steps:

1.    Open the Jar

2.    Scratch to see the authentication code

3.    Go on www.proburst.com to verify

Whey protein is one such protein that is distributed in the market without any proper quality check because of its high demand. Therefore, Proburst is here to save the day by giving you a protein that has high-quality and is an apt supplement to reach your fitness goal. The name of this super saver is Proburst Whey Supreme. The best protein powder in India must have authenticity verification so that you can decode the label and make the best choice for yourself. Proburst, being the brand for #DeshKeLog, offers the same for it believes that a person should never compromise on the quality of protein powder.

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