Continue your Movember fitness regime

Continue your Movember fitness regime

The moment you think about pampering season for men the immediate thought is ‘Movember!’ It is the month to treat your mo to a pamper sesh. Family commitments, job stress, relationship, social engagements – the list is never-ending. Forget about fitness, do you even have time to pay attention to your health? Hence, developing a regular exercising routine becomes more and more necessary. Even though Movember is coming to an end, your fitness habits shouldn’t. Does your fitness goal focus on improving strength & flexibility? Increasing balance & coordination? Enhancing your workout performance? Acting as a stress buster? Then stick to it. Just like growing a moustache is easy and maintaining it is a task, in the same way, adopting a new habit is easy but following the same path every day requires perseverance.

Here is a fun fact- Did you know you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine if you plan them with a friend? So, find a buddy, decide your goals and get started on this fun, healthy routine! This way, you can organise with your friends, schedule your workout times and book challenges. Some days will require you to do a bit more planning than others. Remember, if at any time these plans fall through, just pick another day. The order of the workouts is not important — consistently being active is important! Add Proburst Milk Thistle to this mix for both of you will need a detoxifier to continue your Movember routine. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Make it happen.
  2. Get inspired.
  3. Perform to meet your goal.
  4. Try a new exercise.
  5. Power walk with your buddy followed by 15-minute meditation.
  6. Intense workout session.
  7. Don’t have time to go to the gym? Take out your laptop and search for a fun exercise to do at home.
  8. Develop a great smoothie recipe is a fantastic way to add extra nutrients to your diet.
  9. Try water workout- Find a local recreation center or hotel that has a drop-in pool.
  10. Restore and relax.
  11. Don’t forget to treat yo self!

Here are a few supplements from Proburst to spice up your Movember. One of the simplest ways to up your protein intake during winter is to use powdered forms of protein, such as whey protein powder, immediately after a training session. With the perfect combination of Proburst Whey Supreme and Movember, a warm drink with whey protein will serve as a saviour after an intense workout session. It is packed with 24g of high-quality, easily absorbable protein to make you stronger and healthier. Up next, is Proburst MultiVitamins because you and your buddy require a tablet that will provide you all the nutrients to finish an active day!

Movember lovers, congratulations for successfully completing No Nut November! And promise yourself to hit 2020 with the same passion.

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