5 Habits to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

5 Habits to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

There’s a major argument in the fitness world regarding whether you can lose fat and build muscles at the same time. This is because to lose fat, you actually try to get rid of some of your body’s mass and to build your muscles, you’re actually wanting to gain some of that mass. However, while it seems practically impossible, it’s actually achievable with a strong determination and a consistent hardworking attitude. Following are some of the habits that’ll help you achieve this goal, and also, uphold it.

    Cut on your Calories

The rule is to sustain a caloric deficit by letting your body burn more calories than it consumes. In this way, instead of adding to the fat, we are facilitating the pulling out of stored fat that the body will start using for energy requirements. Then the surplus calories we intake for building muscles are also not required because the stored fats will supply to that as well.

   Kick in the Proteins

When you cut the calories below your body’s requirements, the need for protein increases. In reverse to what we did with the calories, we need to increase the consumption slightly more than what is required by our body for energy requirements. This will help us save some proteins to build our muscles. Proteins are the macronutrients which break down into amino acids to help in the protein synthesis of your muscles, hence building them strong.

Proburst offers Proburst Whey Supreme which is a high-quality, easily absorbable protein to help make you stronger and healthier. It is also packed with essential BCAAs that aid in protein synthesis and muscle recovery. This Whey Protein Powder can be consumed at any time of the day and after any activity/sport. Early morning, the whey protein benefits you by kick-starting your metabolism well. In between the meals, it’ll help you curb your appetite and reduce your chances of binge eating. Post workout it promotes protein synthesis helping reduce the muscle fatigue. You can also take it before going to the bed to keep your body fuelled through the night, aiding metabolic functions and eliminating the effects of muscle catabolism.

   Amp up your Diet

Look out for what you’re eating. Eating the right things is a major need if you want to build your muscles. To start with, you need to cut done on junk food. Instead, start including more of the real food in your diet such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, nuts, fish. These food sources are high in nutrients and also give you a filled feeling without adding any extra calories in your body. To help you understand the situation, imagine a gulp of your favourite carbonated drink and then imagine a plate of green vegetables. Both have about the same number of calories and yet, one satiates your hunger, and the other merely leaves you wanting for even more calories.  

Adding supplements to your diets is another way to ensure that you’re getting all the essential nutrients. Proburst Proburn Xtreme helps to burn that extra fat without letting any loss of the muscles. This fat burner supplement also improves carbohydrate metabolism, increasing metabolic rate and support craving control so that you end up burning more fat cells. The Diet and the Supplements are important to meet the dietary requirements of an individual. Therefore, for best results, the individual using the Proburst Proburn Xtreme needs to be in ‘calorie-deficit’ state. This will help in shedding the extra pounds from the body.

    Strength Train

Including resistance exercises in your routine is a must if your goal is to build muscles while losing fat. The key is to challenge your muscles so that they come out stronger. Start lifting weights. The process is direct- when you lift weights, some of your muscle fibers are damaged and end up seeking help from surrounding cells that repair those damaged fibers and make your muscles grow. You can initially start by hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, alternating between multi-joint exercises like squats and single joint exercises like a seated row, to keep the heart rate jacking up and then, down.

You can also now boost your workout performance with Proburst L-Glutamine powder, the performance powerhouse. It helps stimulate protein synthesis, glucosamine synthesis which is the critical joint compound and prevents the breakdown of muscles. It assists in speeding up recovery after a workout and improves your body’s metabolism and immune system. The most important time to consume L-Glutamine powder is after your workout to help boost muscle recovery.

   Get enough rest

You need to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep each night. Your body rebuilds itself while you’re sleeping. Especially when you’re working out and doing resistance exercises, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep to let your body rest properly.

So basically, you need to cut your calories, monitor your diet, increase your protein intake, challenge your muscles and then give your body the rest it deserves. Follow these 5 habits to lose fat and pump up those muscles at the same time. We must, however, keep in mind that the process won’t happen overnight. Being consistent is the key to success. Just make sure that your goals make sense to your own self first and that you also enjoy the process.

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