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Whey Protein Pancakes

Pancakes today! Pancakes tomorrow! Pancakes forever! With peanut butter and chocolate chips loaded with maple syrup and sometimes honey, Pancakes are a breakfast dessert masterpiece. A stack of healthy pancakes with the goodness of protein is a dream. What if you come across pancakes made in a blender with no refined grains, no refined sugar, and loads of healthy proteins. Excited where this is heading?
These protein pancakes are so easy and simple, you are going to be making them every week as part of your meal prep.
Just 4 ingredients pancakes recipe
For this recipe, all you need is whey protein powder, eggs, almond milk or water, and baking powder. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and in meanwhile put your skillet to heat up on stove but before that use cooking sprays on your skillet so that pancakes don’t stick to it. Once the batter is mixed properly, you are good to go. The best thing about this recipe is not only that you just need 4 ingredients but also that the batter could easily be prepared without a blender. Also, you don’t need to sneak in chocolate chips because you can use Proburst Whey Supreme in chocolate flavour.
Light & fluffy banana protein pancakes
Egg whites, Proburst raw whey protein powder, cinnamon, and ripe bananas make up these low-fat and low-carb pancakes, for a complete and wholesome a meal under 200 calories.
Oats pancakes
This recipe calls for Proburst Whey Supreme in vanilla flavour because of the vanilla adds sweetness and flavor to the pancakes, and tastes great with the berries. Along with this, all you need for the batter is uncooked oats, egg whites, blueberries, baking powder, and water. Blend together all the ingredients and cook the pancakes for about 1 minute on each side until they are fully cooked. At last, drizzle a little sugar-free syrup on top and serve with fresh berries.
Green veggie pancakes
These green protein pancakes are made with chickpea flour, Proburst raw protein powder and spinach for a delicious and fun twist on everybody’s favourite breakfast. This recipe is very easy to make in a blender with just a few simple ingredients. Top your green pancakes with pure maple syrup, almond butter, and banana. Enjoy!
Raspberry chia pancakes
Chia to water and mix to combine. Let rest at least 5 minutes. In a blender add chia egg, oats, banana, whey protein supplement, oat milk, coconut oil, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Blend until smooth. Let rest 10-15 minutes before using. Serve pancakes with raspberry chia jam and peanut butter to drizzle.
These ridiculously easy, foolproof recipe will be your go-to banana protein pancakes recipe for breakfast (and maybe even lunch and dinner). Pancakes are always awesome, and adding whey protein powder pushes them right into the “greatest thing ever!”

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