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Why does leg day hurt? Best ways to recover

The dedication of brave souls towards the leg day is something all of us admire and the results usually speak for themselves. For the rest of us, we have a love-hate relationship with leg day. Intense pain in legs after a workout is a common phenomenon. At that moment even walking down the stairs seems like a punishment. But the question which most of the fitness enthusiasts have is that why do leg days hurt so much? Not necessarily during the workout, but after? And this article is here to help you.
Basically, after a strength training workout, your muscles are damaged due to microscopic tears. Since there are many muscles in your legs, and they’re quite large which means it’s a lot harder for them to recover. As you challenge your muscles, they build up to something called lactic acid, which is what causes the familiar “burning sensation” you get right before your muscles fail. Hence, the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) hurts a bit too much when it strikes them. But don’t worry, it is also a sign of progress. The DOMS pain happens to workout newbies, to people returning to their workouts after a layoff, and even gym rats who mix up their routines by doing new exercises. How to combat this soreness? You could ice the muscles to take down the inflammation or stretch them out. Or go for a walk. This will help loosen your muscles up and get the blood flowing. Any quality strength training program is periodized, meaning it varies in volume, intensity, and technique. There’s no way to shorten your period of soreness. You can, however, do a few things that may help relieve your discomfort:
• Light cardio exercise
• Stretching
• Heat therapy
• Foam rolling
• Topical pain balms
In order to avoid this soreness, here are a few things you can follow:
· Warm up properly
· Hydrate like crazy
· Use better form during your leg workouts
· Walk through the pain
· Ice those legs down
· Additionally, you can also use Proburst L-Glutamine for recovery
A high-quality workout supplement can make a world of difference. From muscle growth and repair to a faster metabolism, it has various benefits. In the long run, it can boost physical performance and bring you closer to your fitness goals. The two best protein supplements for this are whey concentrate and L-Glutamine. The branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) in whey protein powder help your body build and repair muscle tissues. These nutrients also serve as a source of energy, fueling your workouts. Hence, consumption of whey concentrate protein following a workout preserves muscle and aids in recovery. One of the reasons Proburst Whey Supreme is recommended as a post-workout protein source is that it is easy for most people to digest because it results from removing fat and lactose from the whey. The Proburst Whey Supreme is convenient to buy, mixes well, and come

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