10 days challenge before 2020

10 days challenge before 2020

Resolution is synonymous to New Year and with 2020 ringing in less than 15 days we are sure your resolution list must be ready. Wouldn’t it be great if you take up a fitness challenge so that you enter the coming year with a fit mind and body? Every single thing you’ll be doing this month is designed to strengthen you. Don’t skip ’em! Use a handy calendar to pencil in your activity, check off each challenge, and track your sleep each night. Wondering ‘Do I really need this?’ Well, the answer is simple! Yes, you do. This will help you develop a fitness habit, and hopefully build up some strength along the way. Oh, just one side note, make sure you follow it religiously otherwise it’ll be like throwing all the hard work down the drain and let’s be reasonable, we don’t want that.

Presenting 10 days challenge for New You!

  1. Start this challenge by setting the goals you want to achieve.
  2. Most importantly, become an early riser.
  3. Step out for a 15min walk. So, refreshing!
  4. Stay hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  5. Daily stretch for 10min before and after the workout.
  6. Get 7–8 hours of sleep. Ah! The happiness of ideal beauty sleep.
  7. Haven’t you gained enough calories yesterday? Switch to a healthy meal today.
  8. Don’t make any excuses. C’mn bro! Just a few days to go. Don’t you want to follow the same routine in 2020 as well?
  9. Pack a healthy snack for lunch. Obviously, tomorrow you’re gonna go crazzzzyy!!
  10. Ring in 2020 with a promise to be a better version of yourself. YAAYYY!! Happy New Year!

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Lastly, all you need is a good pre-workout formula and nothing is better than Proburst Predator. It improves the performance, focus, endurance levels, and strength of the body, hence, an ideal supplement to bring out the Predator in you.

Like our little challenge/guide? In 2020, we’ll do a quick write-up on how to stick to your resolutions. In meanwhile, follow these 15 rules and step into the New Year with a fit mind, body, and soul. Also, never forget, ‘it is never too late to set goals and challenges’!

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